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Take your Taste Buds on a Tour... Across the Indian subcontinent

In a state known for its bright blue skies, beautiful mountains and breezy coastlines, we, the members of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox church bring you a harmonious blend of food and fun for the sixth year in a row. What started as a small church fundraiser that celebrates food and fellowship has now grown into a colorful event of mammoth proportions. Please join us as we continue our journey through the crossroads of different cultures and unlock new dimensions of taste and texture. This is an adventure you cannot afford to miss and an experience to cherish for years to come.

Now, let’s talk about our special attractions…...spanning the east and the west, the north and the south, we bring you a wide variety of mouthwatering flavorful dishes from all over India.

Are you a fan of mind blasting street foods from North India? Is Chaat a favorite of yours? A colorful fusion of various flavors, this crispy, tangy and spicy dish is said to have originated straight from Shah Jahan’s kitchen. Yes, a royal treat indeed.

Or maybe you prefer one of its modern cousins- Dahi Puri, Pani Puri or Dabeli, no matter which of these dishes you prefer, we promise that you’ll not be disappointed. We have it all and in its full glory!

Over to the East...….if you have enjoyed a stroll across the busy streets of Calcutta, I’m sure you couldn’t resist a Kathi Roll expertly and flavorfully rolled up by a street-side vendor. This lip smacking dish may seem like a distant relative of the Burrito but I tell you my friend, no Burrito can compare to this creative collaboration between a crumbly paratha holding a fluffy egg and lavishly stuffed with chicken(or paneer) masala, chopped onions, green chilli chutney and a squeeze of lemon. Hmmm….yummilicious indeed!

Are you more into traditional South Indian foods? Then you will definitely enjoy our wide variety of exceptional Keralite delicacies. You get to pick between homely favorites such as Pothichoru, our hand-spun Poratta with Mutton or beef, Idiyappam, Rainbow puttu or light savory snacks such as Parippuvada, Pazham pori, egg puffs or plum cake.

Kappa or Yucca, as it’s called- is a dish that talks about simplicity and humility, tradition and grace. We serve this humble yet glorious dish with a variety of sides such as kerala fish curry, beef or pork and we tell you, it is finger licking good!

Over to a typical Keralite special, Meen(Fish) Pollichathu and Nadan fish fry. With years of experience handling this delicacy, our chefs promise you the finest fish marinated for hours in a secret magical sauce while wrapped snugly in an all natural banana leaf and then fried to crispy perfection, all leading to a complete food experience that’ll leave you mesmerized and wanting more.

While the food is our showstopper, the day’s events are not complete without our entertainment highlight, a dance competition called Nrutha Malhar. Nrutha means “Dance” and Malhar, a raga in Indian classical music, is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains. Dance and torrential rain ... how perfect is that!

You will not be able to keep still as you watch the amazing performances at our Nrutha Malhar. With the essence of Madhuri’s grace and Shah Rukh Khan's charm, Hrithik Roshan's moves and Dulquar Salman's persona, our young performers are guaranteed to bring everyone to their feet! Grab a delicious falooda or refreshing masala chai from our drinks stall, then sit back and enjoy the vibrant colors, catchy beats and festive mood of this dance competition showcasing our culture and diversity. But please be careful with the drink because these performances are guaranteed to bring everyone to their feet!!

They say that the best way to experience the soul of a place is through its food and music. How better to do that than to attend a food festival that showcases music, dance and culture. So, come join us on October 5th, 2019 and allow us to treat you to the art of flavor, the essence of melody and the joy of variety.

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