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The Fun of the Harvest Festival !!

Are you bored out of your mind and want to have fun? To eat without your kid saying: “I don’t like this food!” I know the perfect place for you. The SGMOSC Harvest Festival, of course! Well, if you’re thinking of NOT going, you will miss out on all the fun. When I say fun, I mean, the best time of your life. So, here are some reasons why you should go to The Harvest Festival.

Well, let’s start here. You can go to many, many booths! Some places you can win prizes by playing the most awesome games! In others you can buy beautiful stuff you would really want, such as amazing tie-dye t-shirts, designed by the one and only… YOU! There were paintings done by the most talented artists!

Stomach rumbling? Yeah. I thought so. The SGMOSC Harvest Festival has lots and lots of tasty delicious, mouth-watering food! As soon as you take a look, you won’t want to look away. You can get loads of drinks. As soon as you eat something, you’ll want to eat more! I bet you, your mouth will water as soon as you hear someone just mention the food.

Last year, Kerala had a lot of flooding, and so we did a very special Harvest Festival called Hearts and Hands For Kerala and we used all the money we raised to rebuild homes and buildings in Kerala. The website has more information if you wanted to see where the money was spent. There was t-shirts last year that said “Kerala Strong”, that were sold in black and grey to help support Kerala. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see me or my sister wearing the t-shirt at The Harvest Festival this year. Who knows?

Well, I told you about the food, games and booths... What else…? Oh yeah. The dance competition! There will be many different people dancing. It truly is amazing, seeing the talent that these dancers have! This is surely going to keep you entertained. Also, there is no chance of you getting hungry, the food is behind you.

You might be wondering how I know this. I’ll tell you why. I’m an eight year old, it’s my third Harvest Festival, every year, it’s been more, and more fun!

Hey! I see you there! What are you still doing here? You should be running off to tell all friends and family about this! I hope to see you at the Harvest Festival!

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