An Ode to the Kerala Parotta - inspired by Fish Rock ( Thaikkuddam Bridge)

Parotta in my mind and head

Wanna be, gonna be in my head

The way I want to eat you

Give me some parotta and I’ll show you

The flaky layers just turn me on!

God! The aroma just hits the spot!

Nothing can stop me from standing Now

Thank God the thattukada line is Short

Rolling the dough with ghee

Makes me wanna shout with glee

I love my parotta and beef fry

I pray for you in many more ways

Eat you along with fry and taste

Whatever happens through my life

Wish I could eat a parotta or two a Bite

I wanna eat you now

Give me some parotta and I’ll show You how!

#HARVESTFESTIVAL #ThaikkudamBridge

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