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Let’s celebrate the fusion of food and dance

The SGMOSC harvest festival is now in its fifth year. Elders of the church pioneered this innovative event to meet the expenses of our church and to support charity. An event that initially budded as a small-scale fest in our church premises, has evolved over the years into one of the most awaited festivals of RTP. How did we get here? The success of the festival came from listening to the feedback of the attendees. The changes were implemented to ensure we provide, a one of a kind South Indian gastronomic joy ride to our customers.

Being a church member, I go to the festival not only to support the cause, but also because I belong to a special category of people known as foodies. Raised in North India, food like Butter Chicken, Chole Bhature, Chaat, Panipuri, Samosas, Chicken Katti Roll, Aloo- tikki and Rumali -roti stirs excitement to my taste buds. But as they say, ‘’you can bring a person out of Kerala, but you cannot bring the Kerala out of a person”. No wonder “ma ke haath ka south Indian khaana” (mom’s homemade food) has always been the best. I always say to my North Indian friends, never degrade Kerala food into just a bracket of Dosas, Idli and Sambhar. God’s own country is also food lover’s paradise in my opinion. Kerala will always be known for the three C’s -Coast, Coconut and Curry.

Need I say more? I am sure your mouth is watering. So, don’t miss the entry to the biggest fall event. As soon as you enter the event one cannot miss the aroma of south Indian spices. We create an atmosphere of street food with different stalls. Don’t miss our renowned chefs in traditional Kerala attire known as Lungis in their Thatukadda (roadside eatery shop), creating live magic in the form of soft flaky Kerala bread known as Parotta. One cannot stop licking the finger if you pair it with Beef Fry or Mutton Curry. Some of our other signature dishes are Kappa and Fish Curry, Karimeen Polichathu, Chappati, Beef fry, Katti Rolls, Chaat stations and baked goodness. Now no more worries about not being able to get your favorite food, just because you didn’t make it on time. You can avail our online pre-booking services.

If food is the star of the show, Dance Dhamaka known as “NRUTHA MALHAR” is the co-star. Our brains are hardwired to enjoy good music and dance. This platform is for anyone who likes dancing to the beat. The platform is ours, the forte is yours. Bring your A game and rock on. Come shake your leg to your favorite music. Who knows you will be bagging away 1000 dollars as the winner? Still remember the little munchkins stepping their foot to the Bollywood iconic number “Bijli Giraane Main Hoon Aayi, Kehte Hain Mujhko Hawa Hawai”. So bring your favorite accessories: jhumka, tumka, kangana , payaliya and create the everlasting magic of Bollywood.

I can go on and on for hours. But you don’t have to believe me. Come and see for yourself. Experience the culinary skills of our chefs and dance your heart out. Before winding down I would like to pay a special tribute to two legends who are gone too soon. How can one forget to mention the dream girl of Bollywood Sridevi ji and the culinary legend Mr. Anthony Bourdain? Hope to see you all there.

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