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A Kaleidoscope of Memories……A view from inside

As I helped my 7 year-old daughter into the car after our Harvest Festival on Saturday, I looked at her face, flushed with excitement and happiness. She blurts out, “Mama, this was the best day of my life, I loved the Harvest festival”. Her brother immediately joined in and echoed her words and excitement.

So what was the Harvest festival conducted by our church all about? Let’s see what comes to mind when we think about that wonderful day.

The aroma and taste of delicious authentic Indian food, melodious music, fabulous dancing, loud laughter, lots of chit-chat, under a large beautiful white tent……all swirl into a colorful, happy memory of great times with good friends and family.

What stands out is the astounding variety of Indian delicacies handcrafted by our outstanding chefs and some really great stage performances! A dance choreographed by a 10 year old, a patriotic performance by our Krazzy young boys with a splendid hand-made Indian flag, lovely songs sung by our budding little Lata Mangeshkars, a medley of beautiful, nostalgic Malayalam & Hindi songs sung by our seasoned singers and the absolute highlight of the entire festival- a perfectly choreographed flash mob performed by the adults of our church.

Need I say more?

Memories….at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. When my children are all grown up, and out and about in the world, making memories of their own, I know I will look back upon this moment and thank God for the happiness and blessings that were showered upon us on this day. And I am sure it will remain a fond memory in their hearts as well!

As our dear Tenny Thomas Achen reminded us during Sunday’s sermon:

“Pyar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai”

Love is crazy and wonderful It is unaware of all other happiness and sorrow

And that’s what our harvest festival was all about......

Even in these busy and difficult times, it was an opportunity to love and serve each other, a time to be happy and joyous in this love. A crazy, wonderful brotherly love that created a kaleidoscope of memories.

As our beloved Thomas Achen says “A Mountaintop Experience” indeed!!!

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