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Hearts and Hands for Kerala 


We would like to sincerely thank our local  community who generously supported our harvest festival fund raising efforts to support the Kerala flood relief efforts in 2018. 


This harvest festival would not be a success without the hours of hard work put in by the parish members and our Thomas achen and Tenny achen. 


Your generous contributions have made direct impact to those affected by the floods. We are happy to report that we were able to generate $37,175 from the event, and with the funds we collected, we were able to fully rebuild 3 houses that were completely destroyed in the 2018 Kerala floods. We were also able to partially help bulid 2 houses and provide assitance to 14 families whose homes were damaged in the floods.


Given below are pictures of the houses that were rebuilt and details of other projects in progress.

House 1 - Full Support

Mr. Mammen Thomas

House 2 - Full Support

Mrs. Annamma Joy

House 3 - Partial Support

Mr. P M Mammen

Complete list of beneficiaries.


  • MOSC Bava Thirumeni Relief Fund

  • Kumari Kunjumon

  • Mor Osthathios Gloria Trust

  • Annamma Joy

  • Thomas Mammen

  • Abhilash

  • P M Mammen

  • M N Gopalakrisnan Nair

  • Anirudhan Vasu

  • Indira Goplakrishnan

  • Joseph K V

  • Mrs Sreekumari P S

  • Valsa Varghese 

  • Bibil P M 

  • K M Mathukutty

  • M S Kunjumon

  • N C John

  • Biju Thomas

  • Sibichan P P

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